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Hagnos Empowerment Initiatives (HEI) is a unique seamless faith-based organization with the mandate to implement diverse streams of relational activities by providing empowering engagements for leadership restructuring through biblical perspectives and sound doctrinal values. Our activities promote partnership with several church organizations, related Christian non-profit organizations, government institutions for human empowerment and transformation. HEI’s goal is to foster a commitment to people across all age group that will promote interpersonal internal skills, pro-social friendships, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established that will give humans the commitment to follow through on path to maturity with a sense of goal and accomplishment.


There are certain needs in the church we have identified that brought the mission of Hagnos Empowerment Initiatives (HEI) in a time like this. They are as follows;

  • Leadership deficiencies built on pyramidic model and not relational or centric.
  • Religious operational activities based on individualistic hierarchy and not on flattening approach.
  • Misinterpretation and abuse of apostolic and prophetic doctrines of Christ within the church leadership systems.
  • More people are leaving the Church than ever in the history of Christianity; many believers have stopped attending  Church services and are now categorized by the term described as Church refugees.
  • Less emphasis within the Church on the awareness of drastic changes occurring in the world systemic impact through accurate trend analysis and insight-based information as evident in the Bible.

Having mentioned some of the points above, there is need to note some facts in our present world. Everything in the world is changing at a rapid pace. There is an exponential technological change in the world, the nature of work, jobs, career pursuit, medical world are changing because of robotics, because of artificial intelligence and emerging new technologies. In the coming years from now, certain things will become obsolete hence; for the Church to make maximum impact within her environs at the coming seasons, there must be adequate shift of leadership renewal and coherence of emphasis based on in-depth accurate biblical interpretations in identifying authentic model of leadership that represents the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ and His true Ekklesia on earth.


The purpose of HEI was founded on the basis to promote and strengthen the Church leadership system in Ireland and beyond and to create a unique system of empowerment that will bring cooperate success driven by unity and true oneness. Therefore, our aim is to provide the following solutions as follows;

  • Identifying and bridging the gap analysis of leadership deficiencies and introducing more advanced kingdom centric model or design of leadership.
  • Acknowledgment of flattening approach of operations to achieve true collective sustainable success that strengthens each other on mutual respect while recognizing the avenues of maximizing and fulfilling our purposes in God.
  • Emphasis on accurate Apostolic grace and works of Christ through biblical examples and recognizing righteousness received by grace for personal maturity.
  • Provision of dynamic ways of friendship to the unchurched and creating relationship based on genuine love and empowerment.
  • Tracking God’s perspective for world systemic impact and providing sight for national economic renewal.
  • Provision of a unique leadership biblical training programs that focus on directional shift, trend analysis and insight-based information through biblical perspectives in Ireland and around the world.


Hagnos Empowerment Initiatives (HEI) vision is to be a resource center for the body of Christ by providing accurate sight and understanding of strategic leadership renewal based on God’s directional speaking and revealing the uniqueness of the impact of Christ’s glory to all mankind that abolishes any form of darkness.


The mission of Hagnos Empowerment Initiatives (HEI) is to spread the passion of Christ towards all mankind by bringing solutions and empowerment in spiritual growth and development, and world systemic impact through biblical based principles that promote the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Ekklesia.


Our value systems include trustworthiness, integrity, accurate sight, transparency, teamwork,accountability, Excellence.


HEI programs target mostly Christians of all ages, young children, teens, young adults, parents, grandparents, church leaders, business leaders and government agencies based on mutual respect and relationship built on love and unity of faith in advancing the work of the ministry commanded by our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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HEI is founded and led by Henry Okwara with a supporting team of 4 from different professional backgrounds.

Our board of trustees of Directors are made up of Henry Okwara, Dr. Nicola Chan, Dr. Amaka Susan Okwara, Malte Kempen, Collins Ejike.

Meet our Chief Executive Officer – Henry Okwara
E-mail Address:
Historical background —-

For many years of divine calling as a teenager at 14 years and being through several leadership positions from an early age, Henry had an open vision with a command after a long divine encounter with the Lord on the 2nd April, 2018 to start up primarily in Dublin, Ireland; a relational global apostolic Initiative called Hagnos Empowerment Initiatives (HEI) with the mandate of resourcing the body of Christ through accurate sight and understanding of directional speaking of God in revealing the uniqueness of Christ’s glory and His Kingdom leadership system to all mankind that abolishes any form of darkness.

He began the mobilization of this unique Kingdom organization with his wife and few friends in Dublin on the 8th December 2018. The organization was officially registered as an Irish Charity organization in September 2019 and ever since then has been providing several streams of functions to humanity that anchors on Identity, Empowerment and Sustainability.

Henry is a seasoned and insightful apostolic voice residing primarily with his family in Dublin, Ireland with quest of global harvest for the Kingdom of God in midst of this present worldly system. He is the senior executive of Hagnos Empowerment Centre (HEC), a Kingdom Apostolic relational hub of all HEI activities and a team-based arena for strong apostolic relationship that is built on fruitfulness and Christlikeness. He is equally a pioneer in corporate sector, an author, an environmentalist, a business insight consultant and Managing Director of Ohenmerge Ireland Limited.

 Henry is married to Dr. Susan Amaka and together they have two (2) sons – Micah and Asher.